STRALIS raises the stakes on productivity and profitability with a complete package

that includes cutting edge features, technologies and services tailored to suit the business

requirements of every transport operator. The two new models within the range deliver

performance, high efficiency and low emissions in every mission:

  • STRALIS EVO for regional, urban and light construction operations
  • STRALIS XP for long distance missions.

STRALIS MY16 main features compared to previous model are: a complete driveline redesign, from engine to tyres, new electrical and electronic architecture, a best-in-class transmission, new rear axle and suspension and the latest-generation GPS predictive functions and specific features to enhance fuel economy and sustainability.

All of the these features and upgrades focus on maximising productivity and profitability for real-life transport business, and have been developed in collaboration with Customers.

We have monitored our trucks in real operating conditions, analysing different missions

(long range, regional and urban) and their mileage , commercial speed, load and route profile .

Based on this comprehensive information, we have developed for our Customers a complete set

of integrated efficiency-boosting solutions that include the “TCO2 live” program and its

exclusive services:

  • TCO2 SMART REPORT – weekly reporting on driving style and fuel consumption,
  • TCO2 ADVISING – fuel saving advice,
  • TCO2 DRIVING – economy-oriented driving courses,
  • and the exclusive UPTIME GUARANTEE formula.




We assessed all factors affecting TCO and sustainability - from the vehicle’s value and fuel consumption right through to maintenance and uptime.

In a heavy truck, fuel alone represents 35 to 40% of Total Cost of Ownership: for any transporter, improving efficiency is critical to gaining competitiveness for any operator. This is why the enhancements on STRALIS MY16 have focused on energy management.

We have worked on:

  • efficiency – increased with mission-specific fuel-saving solutions (like SMART EGR),
  • predictive capacity – offered by the HI-CRUISE system,
  • rolling resistance – reduced with eco-tyres,
  • and energy optimization – achieved with smart auxiliaries.

STRALIS marks a double-digit improvement in fuel efficiency compared to the previous model, and new technologies, features and ser vices have also been added to further reduce TCO.




STRALIS allows economy and ecology to go hand in hand : this is the winning formula behind all IVECO products.

The IVECO-exclusive HI-SCR after-treatment system is lighter, more compact, more efficient and easier to maintain than any other Euro VI solution. This means that while it reduces emissions, HI-SCR also cuts costs .

STRALIS uses technology and the human factor to minimise fu el consumption.

Our DRIVING STYLE EVALUATION system is a powerful source of information on driving behaviour and its effects, and a valuable tool for fuel efficiency improvement and a significant CO2 reduction.



STRALIS MY16 offers a wide and well-balanced range of engines to suit all applications, and features mission-specific fuel-saving devices.

The range includes 3 displacements and 9 power ratings ranging from 310 to 570 hp that deliver class-leading power and torque density.

This gives Customers a “downsizing” opportunity:

  • we offer 11- litre engines where most competitors only propose 13-litre versions,
  • and our rear-axle ratio of 2:47 allows for the best fuel performance at just over 1,100 revs.

Our commitment to sustainability led us to further improve the efficiency of all power units, increasing the performance on some ratings:

  • maximum torque on CURSOR 11 (+100 Nm on the 420 hp v ersion, and +50 Nm on 480 hp)
  • and maximum power on CURSOR 13 (now offered at 510 and 570 hp).




12-speed HI-TRONIX automated transmission with electronic clutch offers the most advanced technology in its category:

  • modular, service-friendly concept,
  • 99.7% efficiency,
  • extraordinary durability,
  • best-in-class gear spread (16.7),
  • and best-in-class torque-to-weight ratio.




Together with the HI-TRONIX transmission, STRALIS MY16 introduces the HI-CRUISE integrated drive system, that includes GPS-based systems such as predictive cruise control and gear shifting, and further enhances the eco-roll function.

The transmission and GPS system are networked, so that an anticipatory driving strategy that perfectly matches topography and shift sequence is possible.

HI-CRUISE also integrates ECOSWITCH parameters such as cruise control set speed and torque limiter: it limits fuel consumption while allowing emergency override.